Blog Post #1: Mind the Gap

framley_parsonage_serializedDue to Presidents’ Day, we have almost two weeks to read the next installments of The Woman in WhiteFramley Parsonage, and East Lynne. Take this opportunity to spread out your reading more than you would in a regular week. Doing so will better allow you to “Mind the Gap” between serial installments. For your first blog post on The UCM Illustrated News, you are invited to reflect on this temporal space between installments, as well as where and how the installments begin and end. You may focus on one particular gap in a single novel, a gap that affects two novels (e.g. Framley Parsonage and East Lynne, which were both published monthly), or several gaps in one or more of the novels. Write about something that truly interests you. Whatever direction you choose, be sure to read the “About” page on our course blog before posting there.

Questions to consider: Does anything intrigue or even surprise you about the way installments begin and end? Are there any patterns that emerge? How would you describe the experience of waiting to read the next installment? What happens during the gap? You needn’t answer all of these questions; they are here to get you thinking. If there are other questions you would like to address, please feel free to do so.

DUE DATE: Sunday, February 26 by 11:59pm


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