Presentation Groups

Blackwood’s Magazine (Monday, April 3)

  • Beyanira Bautista
  • Cynthia Romero
  • Lawrence Rush
  • Mason Witter

Cornhill Magazine (Monday, March 20)

  • Efren Alvara
  • Elle Lammouchi
  • Katie Oswald
  • Van Vang

Illustrated London News (Monday, April 17)

  • Natalia Alvarado
  • Alexis Blanco
  • Ciarra McCormick
  • Ruth Serrano

Punch (Monday, April 10)

  • Tiffany Day
  • Anita Kiannasr
  • Monica Perales
  • Lyndsay Teegarden

Thank you for your patience. I did my best to give everyone their first choice, but it wasn’t possible. All of the periodicals are worth researching; I’m sure they will all yield interesting projects.


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